Hello world! Tarot is here!

About me

My name is Marta and I’m a polish speech therapist (based in Poland). I have always have a big intuition but only used it for my own purpose. You know – to make decisions etc.

Till July 2023r.

I had an awful tower moment in my life which turned me to myself and let me empowered my intuition again.

I know how horrible life can be. I’ve suffered for depression for over 2 years and faced with a divorce. But as only Scorpio can do, I raised from the asches and started to live again. On my own terms.

So now I have the strength and ability to live the live I always wanted. And I always wanted to help people so I became a speech therapist – and also an intuitive tarot reader. That makes my life beautiful and fulfilled !

If you want to connect with my energy and discover something about yourself through my readings, book a pre-recorded prived reading (I don’t appoint for live 1:1 reading because my English isn’t fluent, but if you are polish, just let me know :))

Book a pre-recorded reading

If you want to book a reading with me, please reach me out by sanding an e-mail: mczajka92@gmail.com

I will text you back and send an instruction how to pay by using PayPal or by transfer (Euro account).

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